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What we do

We develop and provide innovative blood tests designed to help healthcare professionals guide patients toward healthier lifestyles. Our first test provides an epigenetic assessment of biological age, revealing the influence of lifestyle factors such as diet, tobacco use, alcohol consumption and physical activity on DNA. This helps determine how these behaviors accelerate or slow aging.

Our second product offers a deep dive into stress overload, assessing how stress affects various bodily systems differently from person to person. This test uses cutting-edge epigenetics technology to explore the unique ways stress manifests in your body. By understanding these personalized stress effects, patients can tailor their lifestyle adjustments to more effectively mitigate the effects of stress.
Both tests provide personalized, secure and anonymized results, facilitating ongoing health monitoring to track lifestyle changes and their benefits.

Genknowme delivers the fastest, most accurate and comprehensive epigenetic health assessments on the market, promoting preventative measures for healthier aging and effective stress management according to individual sensitivities to lifestyle and environmental factors. With our insights, you are empowered to make positive changes toward optimal health.

What we measure

Biological Age
Research shows that our lifestyle and the daily choices we make can affect the epigenetic signatures on our DNA. Our epigenetic profile reveals your youth capital, which is essentially the difference between your chronological age and your biological age. Your chronological age will always increase at a certain rate over the years. However, there are steps you can take to improve your biological age. With the right lifestyle changes, you can even have a biological age that is younger than your chronological age.

Stress Overload
Our second test focuses on stress overload, measuring the impact of stress on multiple biological systems. Unlike other tests that only assess immediate stress markers such as cortisol levels, our epigenetic analysis identifies how prolonged stress affects your body. By examining specific epigenetic changes, we determine the cumulative stress on your metabolic, immune, cardiovascular, and neuroendocrine systems. Understanding these effects can help guide targeted interventions to mitigate stress-related damage and improve overall health resilience.

The Science Behind

Numerous studies show that lifestyle and environmental factors can alter epigenetic patterns in our cells – for example, stress, exercise, smoking, and diet. In short, scientific research shows that our lifestyle and the daily choices we make can influence the epigenetic signatures on our DNA. Those influences can be summarized by how much older or younger you are, offering you an insight on how healthily you will age.

You can reverse the impact of any negative lifestyle choices in the past and help yourself increase your longevity.

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