Genknowme epigenetic testing is meant to quantitatively measure and track the impact of your lifestyle and environmental factors on DNA methylation. Your DNA is extracted from your blood sample in order to perform genetic and epigenetic analysis. Algorithms designed by genknowme are used to interpret genetic and epigenetic analysis in combination with your disclosed lifestyle information. Genknowme processes your blood sample and lifestyle information exclusively under your explicit consent which you have provided to our partner when the test was ordered. You hold complete ownership of your DNA and test results. The provided results and recommendations are for educational and informational purposes only. Genknowme genetic and epigenetic tests are not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition or disease.

Provided information shall not be interpreted as medical or clinical advice. Persons requiring diagnosis and/or treatment are urged to contact their health care provider. Genknowme assumes no responsibility for test outcomes that could cause social, legal, or economic implications to your life. Should you have any question on the results of the test, the processing of the data or any other questions related to the test, please contact our partner directly where the test was ordered. Genknowme holds genetic data in a way which does not identify the data owner.