About Us

Our story

The History

Genknowme (dʒɨˈnoʊmi) has been founded in 2019 by a team of passionate scientists. This innovative life sciences company dedicates itself to the transformation of cutting-edge research into epigenetic signatures that measure the impact of lifestyle on your biological age. We provide a novel blood test to support healthcare professionals while they coach their patients into making healthy lifestyle changes.

The Future

Epigenetic patterns are found in most human diseases, opening up a new era in which the interaction between genes, environment and lifestyle is accounted for in healthcare. Genknowme is one of the few innovative companies participating in this epigenetic revolution where epigenetic assessment will soon have predictive or prognostic value for therapy and will be decisive in therapeutic decision-making. Genknowme’s vision is to provide a health assessment that encompasses all factors influencing premature aging and good health, to provide health professionals with the means to guide their patients on the path of self-knowledge regarding their health.

The Team

Semira Gonseth Nusslé
Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer – Chair of the Board

Semira a medical doctor by training, specialist in Public health and Preventive Medicine (FMH board certified) and a researcher in epigenetics (UNIL, UCSF, UCB). The project was born during her 4-year post-doctoral stay at the University of California San Francisco and Berkeley, where she investigated the epigenetic links between cancer and lifestyle factors. She had the opportunity to develop her entrepreneurial skills in the UC Berkeley’s incubator (SkyDeck).

Sébastien Nusslé
Co-founder, CEO & CSO – Member of the Board.

Sébastien has a master’s in biology (UNIL), a Masters in Statistics (UNINE), and a PhD in Evolutionary Biology (UNIL). He is a trained researcher with postdoctoral experience in the University of Bern and the University of California Berkeley resulting in over 40 scientific publications (including a majority in top-tier journals) and over 20 presentations in scientific conferences. He is specialized in genetic and environment interactions and biostatistics. He developed his entrepreneurial skills in the UC Berkeley’s incubator (SkyDeck), as the director of the Swiss Fisheries Advisory Office (Fiber), and as the head of the nature division in an environmental firm.

Laurence Chapatte, PhD

Laurence holds a Ph.D. in Biology (UNIL) and has extensive research experience in immunology and cancer at the Ludwig Institute in Epalinges and the Campbell Family Research Cancer Institute in Toronto. She worked on large-scale projects: the genomic biobank at the CHUV hospital and the Biobank Coordination Platform (SBP), a national biobank coordination project. She has gained extensive experience in the legal and ethical framework for research, in the organization and implementation of operational processes, and in sample management and quality. She is now applying her transversal knowledge for Genknowme, where she develops and organizes the laboratory and related operational processes.

Cassandre Kinnaer, PhD

Cassandre holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Lausanne. As a researcher in various labs in France, Canada and Switzerland, she extensively studied the responses of cells and microbes to a wide variety of environmental cues. She spent years optimizing and developing new technologies to work with rare microorganisms. She joined Genknowme at the start of the year and brings her quick thinking and scientific experience to the team.