Genknowme launches a new digital platform


Genknowme launches a new digital platform to improve customer experience and reenforce data protection

Recently, a number of hacks and data breaches have unfortunately made the headlines. We are dealing here with the protection of personal data, one of our fundamental rights.

Current laws, such as FADP and GDPR put a strict framework in place to minimize risks of breaches, it is the responsibility of every company to comply with these requirements.

At genknowme, we collect and store data that are considered as sensitive. We therefore place data protection and privacy at the heart of our concerns.

To improve data protection, a good infrastructure is not enough. We must also rethink the way we work and put in place technical and operational processes that constantly improve data protection. Our new digital platform, an application developed by BDVerse and thought privacy by design, is an essential element of our company’s infrastructure and compliance. We have been able to completely separate our laboratory processes, from the interface with our customers and thus with their patients.

But genknowme’s new digital platform is not just about improving data privacy, it also enhances customer experience and makes ordering tests and registering patients, a simple, efficient, and secure process.

We would like to thank all the people and entities involved in this process, without whom this would not have been possible: all our private and academic partners, Medidee, our DPO and especially BDVerse’s team: David Allaigre and Thomas Mellier.