Exciting News from genknowme and CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE!


We are thrilled by the launch of our newest epigenetic test, a pioneering tool in understanding the impact of chronic stress on health.

In collaboration with our exclusive partner, CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE, this innovative test marks a significant step in preventive healthcare. It’s designed to measure the effects of chronic stress and its potential repercussions on various physiological systems.

Why is this important? Chronic stress, often a silent ailment, can have profound impacts on our wellbeing. Our goal is to raise awareness about this often-overlooked health factor. With this test, individuals can gain crucial insights into how stress affects their body, enabling them to take proactive steps towards maintaining health and longevity.

With the support of Clinique La Prairie’s expert medical team, individuals can interpret their results and receive tailored guidance. This collaboration ensures a comprehensive approach to health, emphasizing prevention and personalized care.

Watch our video to learn more about this exciting development and how it can pave the way for a healthier, stress-aware future! Thank you Simone Gibertoni and Olga Donica for our continued and valued partnership!

Measure and tackle stress overload more effectively – Clinique La Prairie (video)